Heroes of COVID-19

Throughout the past year, in the face of a frightening pandemic and mounting uncertainty, Brown County physicians, local leaders, and community members have shown remarkable courage, both behind the scenes and on the front lines. The Brown County Medical Society would like to highlight and thank some of the dedicated Heroes fighting COVID-19 and contributing to the health and safety of our city. 

With your nomination, your named Hero of COVID will receive:

  • Your message of thanks to your hero, featured on the BCMS website and facebook page
  • Letter of thanks sent to your hero from BCMS

Use the form below to nominate and leave a note of thanks to an individual or a specific group who has made a positive impact. Messages will be curated and shared on our website and social media starting on March 1st.

Name Your Hero Today!


What is 'Heroes of COVID'?
This campaign is a fun way to showcase individuals in Brown County who have contributed positively over the past year. This is your opportunity to give a 'shout out' to a colleague, mentor, friend, or family member who you admire, all while supporting BCMS. 
How do I participate?
Simply fill out this form! We will ask for your information, along with the name and contact information of your hero.
Is there a deadline?
Submissions are open now and heroes will be featured on a rolling submission basis. You can submit multiple entries during this time period.
Who can I nominate?
Anyone who is your hero! The only qualification is working or living within Brown County, and contributing positively to the community.
Some examples may be:
  • A mentor who has shown leadership within your team
  • An administrative assistant who has worked tirelessly
  • postal worker who never fails to deliver
  • A family member who has volunteered in the community
  • A small business owner adapting to a changing world
Can I name more than one hero?
Absolutely! You can make multiple nominations to name multiple heroes. There is no limit! Just fill out one form per hero.
Click Here for Full List of Heroes
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