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Bellin Chaplaincy Department

Maria Lodenkamp, Zach Vincent, Eric Nelson,

Donna VanRamshorst, Jan Bast

"Bellin Chaplaincy department went over and above expectations giving support to patients, families, and staff during the Covid pandemic. They worked tirelessly to connect with patients, facilitate family visits via video, support staff in both our lowest moments and everyday duties. This team was innovative in their compassionate daily work and striving to highlight Bellin's mission and values.”

Bellin Health Incident Command

Kelly McBride-Moore, Chris Woleske, Emily Bochniak,

Dave Kobielak, Dr. Landrum, Dr. Lasecki, Dr. Hoyman,

Dr. Mead, Dr. Meyer, Dr. Wozney, Dr. Casey, Carol Bess,

Lisa Harton, Troy Schiesl, Julie Bieber, Laura Hieb,

Jeanine Govek, Jim Lynett, Jim Dietsche, Cheryl Williams,

Kay Hartman, Kathy Kerscher, Jason Perry, Paul Vlies

"This is the incident command team at Bellin Health which

has been an essential think-tank group of experts from various

backgrounds (media, facilities, infectious disease, emergency

medicine, logistics, supply chain management, nursing, finance)

that have led our community with the pandemic."

Bellin Palliative Medicine Providers

Victoria Romanski, APNP, Hannah Alsteen, APNP, Lynn Kananen,

APNP, Nikki Leow, APNP

"The Bellin Palliative Medicine team was and continues to be an integral part of taking care of not only COVID patients but their families and loved ones. The Palliative team is part of almost every COVID patient's care in the hospital. This team takes on the difficult responsibility of ensuring families and loved ones remain part of the patient's care when they cannot be physically present. The immense efforts of communication and coordination not only improve patient care in and of itself, but allows other specialists to focus on the constantly changing needs of COVID patients. The Palliative team has taken an incredible role in supporting the staff through this time as well. This small but mighty team has worked an extensive amount of hours ensuring that patients, families, and staff are well taken care of and communicated with through these unusual circumstances. The leadership this team has shown throughout the pandemic has been an invaluable asset to our entire health system. Thank you is simply not enough for all the incredible work that has been and continues to be done."

Laura Winnekens

Team Leader, Senior Executive Assistant
Bellin Health Systems, Inc.

“Laura Winnekens has worked tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has had to learn and teach new technology for virtual meetings. She is always available. Her calm approach to problem solving is just want the team needs in a time of uncertainty. Laura expanded her work hours to accommodate daily and weekly calls with staff to keep them informed. I have received a lot of recognition as a healthcare CEO during the past year, but I couldn't do what I do without Laura's unending support. She is definitely a COVID-19 hero.”

Annye Graff

RN Clinical Nurse Leader
Bellin Health

"I believe Annye should be recognized for all that she has done to lead the COVID Isolation unit for Bellin Hospital. She was apart of the development of the unit, helped shape new procedures for the day to day processes, and supported COVID staff in many ways. I feel she may not have gotten the recognition she deserved for leading the staff through the pandemic. Thank you Annye for all you had done and continue to do!"

Valet Services & Child Life Departments

Steve Bloom, Nancy Courchaine, John DeStarkey, Lisa Elfert, Gene Fiala, John Gardiner, Jane LaCount, Ken Lasecki,

Pat Petasek, Marc Prosser, Jane Carlin, Erik Cornelius, Jim Haskins, Pat Hoslet, Keith Kaufmann, Kelly King, Steve Krouth,

Mark Nelson, Bruce Rhode, John Siemering, Bill Sturke, Gary VanDenHeuvel, Darrell VanPay, Amy Hagel, Kailee Hanson,

Mollie Ivie, Caitlin Kapp, Mollie Krebsbach, Ashley Thompson &

Lauren Vanden Heuvel

"The Valet Services and Child Life colleagues have served as COVID 19 screeners at the entrances of HSHS St. Mary's and HSHS St. Vincent Hospital for over a year. Their work with thousands of patients and visitors has kept the hospital environments safe for everyone. These interactions and the teachable moments they provide have brought the importance of health and safety precautions during the pandemic into our communities and beyond."

Kyle McCarty, MD


"The Brown County Medical Society would like to thank you for your service and contributions to the health and safety of our city."

Renee Fitzgerald

Occupational Therapist 

HSHS St. Mary's Hospital

Renee FitzGerald, Occupational Therapist—a shining star during the covid crisis and surge in Eastern, WI. Occupational Therapy, a profession and resource, often forgotten, yet so very valuable and important in the healing and recovery process for patients with covid. The rehab journey starts early—and that is where you will find Renee FitzGerald, OTR—side by side with the most critically ill patients on the 4th floor ICU at St. Mary’s Hospital. She has been by their side from day one and the conception of the covid outbreak. Renee stepped forward and led herself and others confidently during a very difficult time. She not only evaluated and treated patients with COVID when many others were not (early on), but also worked directly side by side with the pulmonologist, hospitalists and nurses trying to navigate the role of therapy with this new population. She got her hands dirty and joined right in when the SMG medical team was learning how to prone patients, monitor their vitals and medical status with activity, teaching others on best practice (with what little information they had), helping others navigate PPE (team lead on PAPR), and taking it upon herself to create an educational handout for all of the therapy team to help guide their practice with this new population of patients. Despite her own family health concerns, Renee was tried and true to her profession and helping the community when they needed it most. I give Renee the utmost respect and applause for how she managed over the last year; it says a lot of her character and strength—she not only did as mentioned, but did such with an open heart, and listening ears, and that is something you cannot just “teach someone.” Renee has continued greatly on helping get information to others, on how to treat patients with COVID and has worked diligently on a formal competency for other therapy staff. As the year continued, Renee also took it upon herself to create a covid education folder—that would be directly implemented into covid patient care. The folder is now the golden standard with our therapy team, and includes handouts on breathing well strategies, energy conservation, tools to help manage symptoms. The word perseverance stands out to describe Renee in this matter—does what is necessary to achieve what is needed to overcome obstacles. And just recently, another heart warming situation. We received a message from a gentleman stating that he really wanted to get a hold of the OT that treated him at SMG during his struggle with COVID. He stated that the therapist’s name was Renee-and it was important that he speak with her. We could tell by the tone and emotion in his voice that he had something really important to speak to her about. He left his phone number, which was passed alone to Renee. It turns out that this patient wanted to meet Renee in person to thank her for helping save his life. Renee pulled him out of a very dark state, both mentally and physically— Her care has left a lasting impression with this individual. Our responsibilities can be emotionally and physically demanding—but it’s times like this that prove that care, joy, respect, and quality equal excellent therapy."

Ashok Rai, MD


"During a period of dramatic uncertainty, Dr. Rai demonstrated unparalleled dedication to communication,

organization, and action between community healthcare providers,

public officials, and citizens."

Lauri Maki Brown

County Emergency 

Management Director

"While the healthcare heroes have received a lot of attention during the pandemic, it's folks like Lauri, who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes, helping to coordinate the medical and public health response. From attending a million meetings to advocate for Brown County, to working closely with the Public Health department to find resources and PPE, Lauri is our hero of the pandemic!"

Bellin Health Supply Chain

James, Staci, Jennifer & Team

"This group of people worked tirelessly to ensure the Respiratory department (and system as a whole) had the equipment and supplies they needed to care for the large influx of patients we experienced during the pandemic. Often supplies were unavailable for our supplier and they worked to find us replacements. Without their efforts, the front line workers could not do their jobs! They are my COVID Heroes!"

Bellin Health Respiratory Care Department

Lucy Bellerud, Christine Blohowiak, Ashley Brunker, Shannon Carey, Jennifer Dryer, Trina Herrman, Kate Lubenske, Kara Moua, Suzi Potts, Kara Schroeder, Larry Wydeven, Marcia Lee and LeAnne Krahn

"‘We may be small, but we are fierce. Thank you to the Respiratory team at Bellin hospital for their tremendous efforts in 2020 and their continued commitment to treating those in our community battling Covid. As the very front of the front-liners, they have put themselves in the face of the unknown every day without faltering. Respiratory therapists keep our families and friends breathing even when their exhausted bodies cannot. They listened, cried and prayed with our families as they transitioned from this world to the next. For their kindness, ingenuity and relentlessness dedication to saving lives, we are forever grateful."

Bellin Health Facilities Team

Al Halla, David Moes, Rick Wrobel, Steve Vlotho, Jason DeBauche, Mark Donarski, Joe Reynolds, Kyle Micolichek, Eric Englebert, Jed Sotka, Paul Vlies, Robbie Kocian, Jason Perry, Kyle Alsteen, Carlos Haro, Bud Perrault, John Swedal, Ray Westein, Mark Guth, Danielle Meisner, Ed Giesler, Chris Goral, Dale Podnar, Ron Enderby, Rick Johnson, Tim Dooley, Jeff Fay, Jon Judkins, John Hubacher, Joe Marek, Jim Berger, Mike Kass, Dave Warras, Justin Reimer, Joe Young, Wade Gezella, John Terrien, Chad Kruse, Todd Doubleday

"I would like to nominate the Bellin Health Facilities Team as Heroes of COVID. They did and continue to do phenomenal work on short notice, reprioritizing and repurposing resources regularly. Bellin's clinicians across the continuum of care could not have continue to provide the excellent service they did without the heroic efforts of the Facilities Team!"

Bellin Health Respiratory Care Department

Don Arnoldi, Dave Bauer, Tom Brault, John Heiser, Kevin Just,

Ken Mcallister, Bob Nechodom, William Ryan,

Anthony Shablak, Phil Thibaudeau

"The Bellin Health Home Care Equipment Warehouse Team are Heroes of COVID-19. COVID positive patients needed oxygen delivered into their homes. This team did just that. They trusted Bellin and their PPE. They put their fear of this virus & the unknown aside and did it. To date, hundreds of COVID positive patients have received oxygen from our Delivery Specialists in their homes. They demonstrated agility and flexibility in adapting to these changes. They worked together as a team in the changing environment. They donned the proper PPE, followed all the new processes, stayed safe, and kept our patients safe. They are average build, height, & age, yet work tirelessly lifting heavy equipment, trudging through the rain, snow, and wind. But they are NOT average on the inside. They are hardworking, compassionate, funny, and adapt quickly to change. Their morale remained high, patient care remained a priority. They continue to provide home oxygen to COVID positive patients. I am amazed by this team and honored to be their leader."

Amy Stach, CFRM

Executive Assistant & Development

Specialist Bellin Health Foundation

Amy has gone above and beyond to help the Bellin Health Foundation respond to the numerous offers of assistance and support during the Covid crisis by local, state and national organizations, as well as, by numerous individuals in our community. Offers of foods, drinks, masks creation when masks were scarce, etc. as well as, financial assistance were all received and processed by Amy, all in addition to her usual heavy responsibilities. She did all of this with a smile on her face and with an attitude of gratitude while interacting with these Covid response donors. Bellin Health experienced significant negative operational effects during the Covid crisis and so these donations became a vital part of Bellin's recovery and an important part of the staff's sense of community appreciation and support. Just one example of an offer to help Bellin staff during the crises was the offer of an ice cream company to provide ice cream treats to staff members as a way to say, "thank you" for working so hard during Covid. With Amy's guidance, an ice cream stand was located in the adjacent park located next to Bellin and in between several Bellin staff parking lots. The goal was to provide distribution outside, due to Covid, and make it convenient for staff to access it on their way to and from the parking lots. It was also close by for those staff working on the hospital campus to access it at their convenience. Amy arranged not only all the details involved in operationalizing this effort but she also communicated this kind gesture to our Bellin Health staff. It was a huge success and went a long way to show our staff how much their work is appreciated by others. This is just one example and there are many, many others. Because of Amy going above and beyond in meeting the needs of Covid donors and Bellin Health, starting in March 2020 when Covid began and continuing today, I nominate Amy Stach for this recognition.

Thank you!”

Sarah Lulloff, MD


"The Heroes of COVID campaign acknowledges Brown County physicians, local leaders, and community members who have shown remarkable courage, both behind the scenes and on the front lines. The Brown County Medical Society would like to thank you for your service and contributions to the health and safety of our city."

Jennie Cegelski

Paraprofessional at GB

West High School

"Jennie is my COVID hero because she continued to support our special education students throughout the entire quarantine and shutdown. On a daily basis, she went above and beyond her role as a paraprofessional. She went to school to personally deliver daily meals to families. Some of these families have medically fragile students and were rightfully fearful to venture out into the community. Jennie made sure they had fresh food everyday even returning back to school on occasion to get a student's favorite snack making sure to return back to the student's home so he would have it. She delivered hygiene products to families. She would go to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions for families without reliable transportation. Jennie ran errands for families who were afraid they would expose their student to COVID if they themselves would run these errands. She would drive to student's home to pick up broken computers, take them back to school for repairs and return them to student's homes. Jennie became a trusted lifeline to many of our special education families. Jennie put the needs of our high-risk special education students above her own needs. For all these reasons, I believe Jennifer Cegelski is a COVID hero. Thank you, Jennie."

Scott Eastman

Pastor, Life Church Downtown Owner/Photographer

of GreatScott Images

"COVID brought out the best in Scott's creative/can do spirit and strong network of relationships. He thought of endless things to do and either did them or created networks to do them - including: Portraits: Free family portraits on porches for first responders and front line workers. School Lunches: Delivered GBAPS school lunches to shut in children. Cereal: Collected and distributed milk and cereal to school lunch families. Nursing Homes: Delivered excess floral arrangements (from Nature's Best) to nursing homes. PrayGreenBay.com: Created online forum and event to allow 96 Leaders from across all denominations to pray for 24 hours for Green Bay, bringing comfort to our city virtually. Scott is a hero and looking how to do good and love people all the time, but was a true catalyst and hero during COVID."

Dana Gulseth & Erica Winkler

Edison Middle School Social Workers

"These two women have been going above and beyond in every single way they could over the past year to ensure that students that attend Edison Middle School have their most fundamental needs met, but also to make sure that students know that they are there for him in any and every capacity possible. The number of home visits these women have been willing to do to ensure that students have what they need (and there are so many needs!) as well as popping into Zoom calls to make sure students have someone to talk to... there is nothing these women can't do and they deserve this recognition for their willingness to do it all with full hearts and huge smiles."

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