Heroes of COVID-19

Throughout the past year, in the face of a frightening pandemic and mounting uncertainty, Brown County physicians, local leaders, and community members have shown remarkable courage, both behind the scenes and on the front lines. The Brown County Medical Society would like to highlight and thank some of the dedicated Heroes fighting COVID-19 and contributing to the health and safety of our city. Please view our local Heroes of COVID-19 below:

Lauri Maki
Brown County Emergency Management Director

“While the healthcare heroes have received a lot of attention during the pandemic, it's folks like Lauri, who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes, helping to coordinate the medical and public health response. From attending a million meetings to advocate for Brown County, to working closely with the Public Health department to find resources and PPE, Lauri is our hero of the pandemic!”

Jennie Cegelski
Paraprofessional at GB West High School

"Jennie is my COVID hero because she continued to support our special education students throughout the entire quarantine and shutdown. On a daily basis, she went above and beyond her role as a paraprofessional. She went to school to personally deliver daily meals to families. Some of these families have medically fragile students and were rightfully fearful to venture out into the community. Jennie made sure they had fresh food everyday even returning back to school on occasion to get a student's favorite snack making sure to return back to the student's home so he would have it. She delivered hygiene products to families. She would go to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions for families without reliable transportation. Jennie ran errands for families who were afraid they would expose their student to COVID if they themselves would run these errands. She would drive to student's home to pick up broken computers, take them back to school for repairs and return them to student's homes. Jennie became a trusted lifeline to many of our special education families. Jennie put the needs of our high risk special education students above her own needs. For all these reasons, I believe Jennifer Cegelski is a COVID hero. Thank you Jennie."

Laura Winnekens
Team Leader, Senior Executive Assistant
Bellin Health Systems, Inc.

“Laura Winnekens has worked tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has had to learn and teach new technology for virtual meetings. She is always available. Her calm approach to problem solving is just want the team needs in a time of uncertainty. Laura expanded her work hours to accommodate daily and weekly calls with staff to keep them informed. I have received a lot of recognition as a healthcare CEO during the past year, but I couldn't do what I do without Laura's unending support. She is definitely a COVID-19 hero.”

Kyle McCarty, MD

Bellin Health Incident Command
(Kelly McBride-Moore, Chris Woleske, Emily Bochniak, Dave Kobielak, Dr. Landrum, Dr. Lasecki, Dr. Hoyman, Dr. Mead, Dr. Meyer, Dr. Wozney, Dr. Casey, Carol Bess, Lisa Harton, Troy Schiesl, Julie Bieber, Laura Hieb, Jeanine Govek, Jim Lynett, Jim Dietsche, Cheryl Williams, Kay Hartman, Kathy Kerscher, Jason Perry, Paul Vlies)

“This is the incident command team at Bellin Health which has been an essential think-tank group of experts from various backgrounds (media, facilities, infectious disease, emergency medicine, logistics, supply chain management, nursing, finance) that have led our community with the pandemic.”

Ashok Rai, MD

"During a period of dramatic uncertainty, Dr. Rai demonstrated unparalleled dedication to communication, organization, and action between community healthcare providers, public officials, and citizens."

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